Jordan Kenison [St Martins in the Field]

Josh came to St. Martins to deliver the workshop 'Embracing my Feelings' with our year 7 pupils. This particular group of students have struggled to manage and express their feelings. There was an issue between the group, and one of the students have felt unable to approach her friends to address it. As a consequence, the situation had escalated.
Josh has extremely personable, took time to interact with students on an individual basis and this meant all engaged immediately. He created a safe environment which allowed all students to feel they could contribute something to the session. There were clear aims to the session which they were all met, using a range of interactive activities. All students left the session knowing the purpose of feelings, how and why people sometimes disguise their emotions and potential consequences if they do not get addressed. It was fantastic to see pupils thank Josh as they left the room! Although this programme was delivered here to year 7, I can see how this workshop would be extremely effective for older students.

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Jordan KenisonDeputy Director of Sixth FormSt Martins in the Field